All Types of Divorce and Family Law Consulations

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Are you seeking a simple uncontested divorce or struggling with a myriad of matters including custody, support, division of property and debt?

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Family Law

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Are you dealing with a legal issue related to your family? A problem with other family members?Or maybe a problem that impacts someone in your family?

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Child Support

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Are you struggling child support issues? Do you need someone to help resolve this difficult issue in a way that is fair to both parents and to the children?

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5 stars

“Mr. Mahan helped me…I would call him an angel from Heaven or a gift from God at that time in my life. My husband had died and I had a so-called Christian lawyer who was feeding me to the wolves… I called you and you helped me so graciously walk thru a tough time in my life…. Thank you James Mahan for your kindness. You are a blessing!”

Marti J.
5 stars

“Mr. Mahan handled my divorce and made it seem simple, cost efficient and the entire process went very smoothly. Great experience and would definitely use him again.”

Mary H.
5 stars

“I really liked working with this law firm, my case was handled professionally and in a timely fashion. If I ever need a divorce lawyer again (hopefully not), you won’t find myself anywhere else, that’s for sure! Highly recommended.”

Helen J.
5 stars

“Mr. Mahan handled my divorce very superbly with professionalism that was impressive. He took a very difficult case and got it settled fairly. I am really pleased with the out come. Would definitely recommend this firm for your family law matters.”

Brittny C.