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Do’s and Do Not’s for People Contemplating Divorce

I routinely give advice to people contemplating divorce and many times I find myself repeating the same advice over and over.  To that end I have decided to provide a series of tips to help those contemplating the murky divorce process in the greater Houston, Texas area.

First let’s talk about a few of the Do’s:

  • Do check social networking sites and possibly shut them down.
  • Do secure and make provisions to be safe, if there is a threat of violence.
  • Do hire a private investigator for investigative work.
  • Do inform your attorney of all relevant facts.
  • Do talk about pre-nups and post-nups, if you have had one prepared.

Second let’s talk about a few of the Do Not’s:

  • Do Not tap phones, unless you are a party to the conversation.
  • Do Not install computer tracking software.
  • Do Not record spouse unless personally involved or you have consent from other person.
  • Do Not violate a standing order or injunction.
  • Do Not transfer or withdraw large amounts of money after filing for divorce.

The reason behind each of these issues is self-explanatory, however if you need further information, contact my office at the number below to arrange a no cost initial consultation to discuss the divorce process in Texas.

James T. Mahan, Attorney-Mediator