When a child is born to a married couple the law in Texas automatically assumes that the child belongs to both parents.

This is extremely important when a couple faces divorce because sometimes the issues of paternity and support arise. There are times when the husband (and sometimes the wife) alleges that the child is not the husbands. When accusations like this are made it becomes necessary to establish paternity.

Establishing paternity is important even if the couple is not divorcing as well. If the paternity of a child is in question at the time of birth a paternity test should be conducted immediately because if the husband parents and supports the child, then he is assuming responsibility for that child. He may find later that even if the child is proven to not be his that he must still pay support because he parented and supported the child despite his or the mother’s doubts.

In cases where the parents are not married paternity must be established before any judge will hear or deciding on custody, visitation and child support issues. An experienced attorney is vital in helping either party to establish paternity. Often time’s parties go about establishing paternity alone and end up with results that are not admissible. Our attorneys know which companies are qualified to provide results that are legally admissible and accurate and are prepared to defend those results. So whether you are getting divorced, are being asked to pay child support (or requesting child support) or simply question the paternity of a child, our firm can help.

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