Property Division

Property division is often one of the most contentious issue in divorce proceedings.

People are often very attached to their belongings because they have worked hard for them or they have important meaning to their families. In a divorce tensions are high and even the most insignificant items may now have sentimental value or be used as weapons in the divorce. Often when people think of property division they think of bank accounts, cars and houses but it is much more than that.

Property in a divorce refers to any physical item the couple either brought into the marriage or acquired during the marriage. This can be things like candlesticks, furniture, televisions, jewelry, pets, telephones and so much more. The negotiations of who gets what can be long and tedious and are one of the main reasons for serious delays in dissolving a marriage.

Our family law attorneys will help guide you through this process whether your spouse is amicable or hostile. Your attorney will work with you to really narrow down what is important to you and make sure you get as much of those items as you deserve. Your attorney is there to be aggressive for you when necessary so that your interests are protected. Our firm will protect what is rightfully yours by facilitating productive conversations so that your divorce is resolved more quickly.

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